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Common AC Issues and How to Fix them

We all rely heavily on our HVAC system to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Unfortunately, like any mechanical system, a numberof things go wrong with them. With so many parts and pieces…

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The Nest Thermostat

Someone changed the thermostat?


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Winter Weather Prep 101

The Midwest winter seems to hit hard and fast every year, and many people find that they are under-prepared when that first cold day comes to kick off the season. If you’ve lived in the Midwest long…

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Ductless Air Conditioning

If your AC has recently kicked the bucket you’re probably scrambling to find replacement options before this Midwest summer melts your face off. Maybe you’re just tired of paying the insane energy bills…

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MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage Trade Ally Partner | Des Moines IA

Aspen Aire, Inc. has officially become a MidAmerican EnergyAdvantage Trade Ally Partner! With this program, Aspen Aire has expanded knowledge of EnergyAdvantage programs which can maximize customers’…

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Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat - ecobee3

ecobee3 works with wireless remote sensors to make you more comfortable in your home while saving you money.


Most thermostats are installed in the hallway. Since most thermostats only…

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Indoor Air Quality - Don't Risk It!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues that plague residents of homes and occupants of businesses are on the rise making the need for a IAQ solution imperative. RGF…

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Static, Dry Air, Bloody Noses...Oh My!

Now that we are getting into the swing of things with yet another heating season have you noticed dry air, static electricity, bloody noses, or your wood work or wood floor has gaps in them? …

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Should I Choose Geothermal?

If you have been thinking about installing a geothermal system there is no better time then right now.  With federal tax credits at 30% with no limit and rebates from Mid American you are looking…

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Chew On This!

Are you one of those home owner wondering if it is really worth it to get your furnace service this fall or not?  We chew on this.  I was servicing a furnace this week and found 2 cracks in a…

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by Russell Holmes - 6/29/2017

I had my air conditioning go out during a VERY hot day in June, 2017. I called three places (all recommended). Aspen Aire called me back right away (much appreciated) and had a technician out within 2 or 3 hours. I was amazed as it was an extremely hot day and assumed they would be really busy (and they were).

(Oh - the other two places? One never called me back and the other called me a week later with apologizes - heh!)

After installing a new fan in my condenser unit, it was determined that was not the problem. Given that the unit was 20 years old I opted to replace it as well as the 20-year old furnace. They did not try to talk me into doing that but gave me options - I decided to go with a new AC and furnace unit combination. They did tell me my AC and furnace were probably on borrowed time but, again, they did not push me to replace them.

Long story short, within a few days they had replaced the air conditioning unit and furnace with two really nice units that have long, transferable warranties.

The men were very professional, extremely clean, most polite and a pleasure to have in and around my house.

If you are need of heating and cooling services, you will never find a better company than Aspen Aire. I do not say things just to be nice. In fact I am a rather hard customer to please (truth be told!). But my experience with Aspen Aire was beyond my highest expectations.

On one hand it was unfortunate when my air went out on a 90 plus degree day. On the other hand it turned out to be a good thing since my experience with this company was so good.

Testimonial provided by desmoinesheatingandair.com

by Russell Holmes - 6/29/2017

Des Moines, Iowa


Indoor Air Quality - Don't Risk It!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues that plague residents of homes and occupants…


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