Should I Choose Geothermal?

If you have been thinking about installing a geothermal system there is no better time then right now.  With federal tax credits at 30% with no limit and rebates from Mid American you are looking at a incrediable amount of savings.  That means if you system would cost $20,000 your rebates for Mid American would be up to $3,100 and a federal tax credit of $6,000 that really cuts down on the cost.  If you are building a new home or on LP gas you are a perfect candidate and should seriously consider installing a new geothermal system.


by Anonymous - 10/5/2016

Aspen Aire checked my furnace today. I was very satisfied with their service! Allan even lit my two gas fireplaces and checked my humidifier at no extra cost. He was very pleasant, helpful, and efficient.

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by Anonymous - 10/5/2016

Des Moines, Iowa


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