Static, Dry Air, Bloody Noses...Oh My!

Now that we are getting into the swing of things with yet another heating season have you noticed dry air, static electricity, bloody noses, or your wood work or wood floor has gaps in them?  If so then you are a perfect candidate for a humidifier.  Installation of a humidifier can fix all of these issues and drastically improve you indoor air quality.  Don’t let another heating season pass by while you beautiful wood floor or wood work shrinks and cracks even more.


by Anonymous - 10/5/2016

Aspen Aire checked my furnace today. I was very satisfied with their service! Allan even lit my two gas fireplaces and checked my humidifier at no extra cost. He was very pleasant, helpful, and efficient.

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by Anonymous - 10/5/2016

Des Moines, Iowa


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