The Nest Thermostat

Someone changed the thermostat?


This home thermostat might* actually end the wars over the thermostat in your home.




The Nest thermostat is not only easy to use and is quickly installed by a professional, it’s also compatible with most smart phones, tablets, and even Apple watches.


Control your thermostat from anywhere with a user-friendly app that allows you to easily adjust and keep an eye on the temperature of your home.




More control means more energy savings.



There’s even a little leaf that tells you when you’re being energy efficient.


Use the app to view usage history and keep track of temperature changes.




No need to constantly adjust your thermostat. Nest learns your schedule and knows when you leave for the day, come home, and go do bed. It learns your temperature preferences and adjusts to the weather outside as well.


The large LCD display lights up when it senses you enter the room so you can easily view the temperature inside as well as outside.


Mobile reminders to change the filter help keep your HVAC system running its best all year.


The Nest thermostat also sends alerts when the temperature in your home is dangerously high or low, preventing pipe freezing in the winter.


Also, the design is clean, simple, and comes in four cool colors! 



Is the Nest Thermostat right for you? Check the compatibility guide 






by Russell Holmes - 6/29/2017

I had my air conditioning go out during a VERY hot day in June, 2017. I called three places (all recommended). Aspen Aire called me back right away (much appreciated) and had a technician out within 2 or 3 hours. I was amazed as it was an extremely hot day and assumed they would be really busy (and they were).

(Oh - the other two places? One never called me back and the other called me a week later with apologizes - heh!)

After installing a new fan in my condenser unit, it was determined that was not the problem. Given that the unit was 20 years old I opted to replace it as well as the 20-year old furnace. They did not try to talk me into doing that but gave me options - I decided to go with a new AC and furnace unit combination. They did tell me my AC and furnace were probably on borrowed time but, again, they did not push me to replace them.

Long story short, within a few days they had replaced the air conditioning unit and furnace with two really nice units that have long, transferable warranties.

The men were very professional, extremely clean, most polite and a pleasure to have in and around my house.

If you are need of heating and cooling services, you will never find a better company than Aspen Aire. I do not say things just to be nice. In fact I am a rather hard customer to please (truth be told!). But my experience with Aspen Aire was beyond my highest expectations.

On one hand it was unfortunate when my air went out on a 90 plus degree day. On the other hand it turned out to be a good thing since my experience with this company was so good.

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by Russell Holmes - 6/29/2017

Des Moines, Iowa


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